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jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013

Made In America - MONSTER RALLY "Return To Paradise" (2013)

The career I've had for the past 17 years comes with an unstable work schedule. Sometimes I work days, sometimes I work nights. Sometimes the work is incredibly hectic and I'll work weeks without a day off and somRtimes there is mind-numbing downtime where I think I've reached the outer limits of surfing the internet. It's the nights that I often enjoy the most though. In the quiet darkness, without the usual distractions of daylight activity, the nights seem to last forever. During that time I'll usually catch up on paperwork or reading, but I'll always have music playing in the background. For me, the night time is the right time to discover new music.

Columbus, Ohio native Ted Feighan produces music under the name Monster Rally. With Monster Rally, Feighan employs sample-based hip-hop beats, 60's tropicalia, and exotica and marries them into a South Pacific meets the Orient audible travel experience. This is the perfect late night music for me. It's instrumental that fits perfectly in the background but I don't mean that in a disparaging way. Sometimes it's the background sounds that sinks in the deepest, puts you into a trance and gives your brain some time off.

Monster Rally's latest effort is Return To Paradise, out now on Gold Robot Records. The opening track "Orchids" sets the tone for the next 40 minutes of your life. Turn the lights off, sit back, and enjoy.

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