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jueves, 26 de junio de 2014

Made In America - OUGHT, "More Than Any Other Day" (2014)

Art-punk quartet Ought formed as students at Montreal's McGill University in 2012. Soon after, the band made up of vocalist/guitarist Tim Beeler, keyboardist Matt May, bassist Ben Stidworthy and drummer Tim Keen, released their EP New Calm via Bandcamp. Ought's initial release hinted at the bands angular and experimental approach to song craft that set them in the same light as the forefathers of art-rock Talking Heads and descendants Cap N' Jazz.

Ought's full-length debut More Than Any Other Day, out on the Constellation label, maintains that skewed approach for the most part but also highlights the bands ability to maintain direction without straying too far off the beaten path with post-punk gems like Habit, The Weather Song which sets them slightly apart from their forebearers.  Other songs like title-track, More Than Any Other Day, are slow-burners which set you up and ease you into a beautifully raucous crescendo.

Overall, More Than Any Other Day is a wonderful mess of a record, strongly footed in the late 70's New York art and punk scene but refreshingly 2014.

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