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jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

Made In America - ACTUAL WATER, "Call 4 Fun" (2014)

Toronto, Canada quartet Actual Water have been slowly churning out riffy guitar-driven power-pop for the last decade or so. Their latest album Call 4 Fun, out now via Bad Actors Records, is a maturing shift from their last full length album The Paisley Orchard (2011). Where The Paisley Orchard was very 60's British Invasion/garage/psyche-rock influenced Call 4 Fun is still in the garage, less psyche-rock, and a whole lot more fun.

Ripping through nine songs in under 23 minutes, Call 4 Fun, is just that, fun. It's simplistic, no-frills approach holds true throughout the album. It doesn't want to be anything more, it doesn't need to be anything more, other than the album you'll want to have queued up at your next pants-off dance-off party.

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