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Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta psyche rock. Mostrar todas las entradas

jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

Made In America - MEATBODIES, "Meatbodies" (2014)

Chad Ubovich is yet another super-talented musician from that prolific ocean of playmates that Ty Segall surrounds himself with. Ubovich played in backup bands for both Segall (Fuzz) and Mikal Cronin early in his career before forming Chad and the Meatbodies. After releasing some home recordings the band garnered the attention of Los Angeles based In The Red Records, shortened their name to just Meatbodies and have recently released their self-titled debut.

Taking a page from but adding a distinct chapter to Southern California's flourishing scuzz-rock soundscape, Meatbodies comes at you with a full on sonic bombardment that rarely lets up through the album. Ubovich has gotten much deserved attention for his guitar wielding ability, which is exhibited most nicely here, and uses it to effectively rip through a brazen and dirty rhythm section at the most opportune times.

Purchase "Meatbodies" from In The Red Records here.

jueves, 2 de octubre de 2014

Made In America - WAND, "Ganglion Reef" (2014)

L.A.'s Wand is one of the newer and more contagious bands to emerge from the west coast garage/psyche rock revivalist scene that include Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, and King Tuff
After putting out a handful of singles earlier this year, Wand has finally hit the streets with their full-length debut Ganglion Reef. Released in August on Ty Segall's Drag City Records - God? imprint, Ganglion Reef is a trippy, fuzz-filled journey rooted in 60's and 70's garages but adeptly levels-up with more colorful and structurally sound songs that linger on the verge of reckless abandon yet are infectious enough to make their way out of the underground and on to the radio. 

jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

Made In America - MUSIC BAND, "Can I Live" (2014)

With risk comes reward and Music Band, the garage rock trio out of Nashville, Tennessee, are all about taking risks. First, there's the name "Music Band". Google "music band" and you will quickly learn why playing hard to get can be risky in the music business. Then the band moved from Ithaca, New York, forsaking the center of the indie rock universe, Brooklyn, to Nashville, Tennessee, a city known more for it's county scene than for its rock scene. 

Music Band then recorded a "live" digital only album in a studio titled "Live At Wembley", without an audience. The audience was added in later. In my opinion, it's still a pretty good album, find it hereAnd finally, their latest album Can I Live is currently only available with a subscription to the Infinity Cat Cassette Series, curated by Casey Weissbuch from Diarrhea Planet. This is a bi-monthly cassette-only subscription to up and coming bands currently on the Infinity Cat label. Cassette, I still don't know why this format is making a comeback, but it is, risky.