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jueves, 23 de mayo de 2013

Made In America - Lemuria

Punk will always be the anchoring point to wherever my musical tastes lead me. I often stray and explore and stretch that rope until there’s hardly a discernible line that can lead me back but I’m always curious as to what else is out there and I’m never scared to go looking for it.

Lemuria is a band that seems to live by that same philosophy. Are they punk, are they pop, are they indie? Hey that’s not 4/4 time! Frankly I don’t care, their songs ring sweet to these ears and that’s all that matters.

Out of Buffalo, NY and around since 2004, Lemuria have epitomized the do-it-yourself attitude through touring and by releasing a handful of 7” singles and splits on various labels including drummer/vocalist Alex Kerns’ label Art of the Underground before putting out their debut Get Better on AsianMan Records which is currently on its sixth pressing. 

Eventually, they would settle in with the Boston-based Bridge Nine Records with their 2011 sophomore album, Pebble. Lemuria are now gearing up to release their newest effort The Distance Is So Big on Bridge Nine Records on June 18th.

LEMURIA is: Alex Kerns- Drums / Vocals, Sheena Ozzella - Guitar / Vocals, Max Gregor - Bass.

Listen to Brilliant Dancer, the first single from Lemuria's new album The Distance Is So Big.

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