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jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

Made In America - Swearin'

Back in March I posted about Waxahatchee, the band formed by singer/songwriter Katie Crutchfield after the breakup of pop-punk outfit P.S. Eliot, which included her twin sister Allison on drums. While in Boston over the weekend to see Buffalo Tom and I was talking with a friend and fellow music fanatic who suggested I check out Swearin'. The name sounded familiar but it didn't register with me until days later that Swearin' was Allison Crutchfield's band.

In Swearin', Allison steps from behind the drumkit, picks up a guitar, and splits vocal and songwriting duties with guitarist and ex-P.S. Eliot bandmate Kyle Gilbride. Jeff Bolt (Drums) and Keith Spencer (Bass) make up the rest of the Brooklyn based lineup.

While the vocal stylings of the Crutchfield sisters are almost indiscernible, Allison maintains and builds on her pop-punk background with the release of Swearin's self-titled debut (october-2012) out on Salinas Records.

Swearin' percolates nicely, in the vein of seminal indie gods Superchunk, with the danceable and hook-laden Shriking Violets and Just and is nicely balanced out by Divine/Mimosa and Empty Head, two songs that The Breeders' Kim Deal would be proud to call lo-fi. This balance make Swearin' an overall fun and easily listenable album.

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