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jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Made In America - Upset, "She's Gone" (2013)

The girls of Upset have musical pedigrees that anyone would be jealous of. Ali Koehler (guitar and vocals) played drums with Vivain Girls and Best Coast, Jenn Prince (bass) co-founded La Sera and also played with Koehler in Vivan Girls and indie veteran Patty Schemel (drums) banged around with Courtney Love in Hole.

The Los Angeles based trio's debut album She's Gone is out now on Don Giovanni Records. On it Koehler steps from behind the drums, steps away from a rocky departure with Best Coast, and takes up guitar and vocals. With Upset Koehler unleashes a hand full of minute, fizzy-pop gems that are not dragged down by over-complication but contain the right amount of depth that demands more than just a fancy passing.

Upset's "She's Gone" is well-steeped in a lightly sweetened tea cultivated somewhere between Julianna Hatfield and that mid-90's Riot Grrl sound and will get that warm and comfortable nostalgic feeling with each listen. I'm on board, I liked it then and I like it now, good times, good times.

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