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jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014

Made In America - CRETIN STOMPERS, "Looking Forward to Being Attacked" (2014)

Billy Hayes (The Barbaras, Wavves, The Jay Reatard Band), Big Muff (Big Muff Radio, The Delay) and Alex Gates (The Barbaras, Wavves) make up Cretin Stompers, a new band currently based in Staten Island, New York. The band has roots that span the width of the U.S. with Wavves in Los Angeles, The Barbaras out of Memphis, and Big Muff Radio operating out of New York.

This national influence allows Cretin Stompers to deliver a delicious mixture of psychedelic power-pop, glam-rock, and straight up garage-punk straight to your ear holes.

Their debut LP Looking Forward To Being Attacked is out now via the always amazing Hozac Records.

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