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jueves, 30 de enero de 2014

Made In America - MAC DEMARCO, "Salad Days" (2014)

Well actually, made in Canada, but still it's North America so the "Made In America" title still rings true.

Mac DeMarco born in British Columbia, raised in Edmonton and now residing in Montreal, started his musical career under the moniker Makeout Videotape. After one release as Makeout Videotape DeMarco released two solo albums under his own name, Rock and Roll Night Club and 2. DeMarco's third solo album Salad Days is scheduled for release this April on Captured Tracks.

DeMarco's music has been described as anything from jangle pop to blue wave to psyche pop but the truth is is that it's all of those things and more. Rarely creeping above medium tempo, DeMarco seems to write from a poetic dream-like state. I know everyone has their "desert island" mixes but DeMarco's music actually makes you feel like you're on a desert island. The sweetness of his melodies wrapped up in this tonal warmth will get you as close to an hallucinatory state without actually being on anything.

The first single from Salad Days "Passing Out Pieces":

Mac Demarco's second album "2":

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